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Colombo 06, Sri Lanka.
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Courses for Kids..


› Expose your child to English when they are young.
› Spoken and written exams in internationally recognized institutes of IWMS - Institute of Western Music & Speech and IIMSD – International Institute of Music Speech & Drama.
› Yearly speech festivals adjudicated by qualified, experienced British Teachers.
› Internationally recognized certificates and other awards.
› Excellent training in speech and drama, stage exposure to build self-confidence.
› Opportunities for regional, all island and international competitions.
› Age 5 and above afternoon classes...

French Language

Do you like your children to speak French when they are very young? We teach your child French words, phrases, sounds, vocabulary activities and games to learn French efficiently. For kids age 05 and above. Afternoon classes…

German Language

Young kids learn second language as easily as their mother tongue as they are highly motivated and enthusiastic. Our experienced lecturer will teach German to your kids with fun lessons, videos, songs etc. For kids age 05 and above. Afternoon classes…

Spanish Language

Young children are ideally suited to learn a second language. Exposing a child to a second language allows him or her to optimize their learning potential. Standardized testing has shown that Elementary students who studied a foreign language scored higher on tests. For kids age 05 and above. Afternoon classes…

Japanese Language

Effective Japanese Learning programme for kids. Learn basic Japanese easily in a fun way while enjoying yourself using audio, video and illustrations etc. You can study conversation, basic expressions, greetings, grammar and much more. For kids age 05 and above. 02 classes per week…

Russian Language

Step by step Russian lessons for kids – Alphabetize, Songs, Children's games, Basic Vocabularies and Conversations etc. Learn Russian language fast and easy. For kids age 05 and above. Conduct by a lady native speaker...