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Professional Courses..

Dip in Montessori (AMI) with Internship

Follow this course and become a professional Montessori Teacher within 06 months. This course is designed exclusively for ladies and all subjects are conducted by lady lecturers. Internship will be provided after the course completed.

04 Certificates
› Diploma in AMI
› Certificate in Counselling.
› Certificate in Child Psychology
› English Language skills

Dip in Counselling and Psychology

Ideal course for students who have studied up to O/L or A/L and become Clinical Counsellor. Study of brain and mind, General Psychology, Child Psychology, Social Psychology, Counselling theory and practical, Common Disorders and Phobia. Duration 06 months.

04 Certificates
› Diploma in Counselling and Psychology
› Certificate in Child Psychology
› Certificate in General Psychology
› English Language skills

TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)

TKT gives you an internationally accepted qualification, accepted in over 60 countries that prove your language-teaching abilities. The qualification is suitable if you are a new teacher and want to build your confidence and skills, or if you are an experienced teacher and want to specialise in a certain area, or are starting to teach English for the first time.

With TKT you can prove that YOU :
› Are familiar with different teaching methodologies
› Know how to use teaching resources effectively
› Understand key aspects of lesson planning
› Can use different classroom management methods for different needs.

TKT is also a good foundation if you want to study for a further qualification in teaching English, such as the CELTA or Delta.